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neonlifesupport's Journal

Neon City Life Support Group
Neon City
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Welcome to Neon City Life Support! In a new and unfriendly town, people need friends. While it was oringinally a support group for people with AIDS, Life Support turned into a group of people who just wanted a bit of friendly human contact in the cold, busy city.
This is an AU (Alternate Universe) RPG based off of Square-Enix's Kingdom Hearts series from the people who brought you twilightuniv. Note: this is intended to be a darker RPG.
Everyone (all characters) is (are) starting fresh, everyone is more or less alive, (unless their death means the creation of another more important character, i.e. Xehanort is gonna be dead. Sorry.). Not everyone knows each other and new alliances need to be forged, or new rivalries, and the Organization XIII has not been created... yet.

Care to join us?
1: Read our rules.
2: Fill out and post an application.
3: If we accept your application, make a journal for your character.
4: Join the community and start playing!

Cast list

Destiny Island:
Riku - toyofdarkness, played by sayonarasolitia
Sora - memory_of_light, played by shinagami_san
Kairi - heartofwaves, played by kajouka
Tidus - brother_blitz
Wakka - blitzbong, played by mistressmellie

Twilight Town:
Seifer - hyperion_stud, played by zell_chan
Fuujin - funokami, played by queenshiva35
Raijin - rais_too_sexy, played by zell_chan
Hayner - catalyticdesire, played by retsumatsuro
Pence - spoofed_dog, played by harmonies
Olette - twilitshpprgirl, played by mistressmellie
Setzer - chipinthepile, played by harmonies
Namine - artist_of_mneme, played by queenshiva35

Radiant Gardens:
Aerith - a_last_cetra, played by fulguratus
Cloud - stoic_solider, played by leaf_zelindor
Tifa - xlockmyheartx, played by sporkstress
Sephiroth - soldiergonewild, played by ladybiggs
Yuffie - kleptoninja, played by sporkstress
Cid - oidmancid, played by cidthegreat
Yuna - summoned_fayth, played by askyre
Ansem the wise
Auron - unsent_blade

Organization XIII:
Xemnas - solemnscholar, played by ferrety_dreams
Xigbar - noissapfosemirc, played by retsumatsuro
Xaldin - zarudinlancer, played by cidthegreat
Vexen - frigidtemptress, played by cloud_sama
Lexaeus - reserved_master, played by crazedwolf
Zexion - shiftedshadows, played by muffinofdoom
Saix - moonstruckpuppy, played by timechaser
Axel - ignitedmemories, played by crazedwolf
Demyx - ninewaterwaves , played by athena5897
Luxord - surefirejackpot, played by muffinofdoom
Marluxia - sakura_no_shin, played by lucid_seraph
Larxene - thunderingcynic, played by mistressmellie
Roxas - defiledtwilight, played by cloud_sama