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Rules! [Sep. 28th, 2006|09:35 pm]
Neon City Life Support Group


1.) If we accepted a character application for you, stay in that character, please!

2.) Stay active. We'd like to see a post from everyone at least once every two weeks, please! If you’re going to be away for a long time, make an OoC post and tell us so. And if you’re really disinterested in being in the RPG any more, put in a resignation.

3.) Everyone will begin with one character of their choice from the list provided. After three weeks, once we see how dedicated you are to roleplaying, the option will open up for a second character. (Again, it will be by the mods approval only.)

4.) This community does allow for members to post R and NC-17 material. Love of every variety, including gay and lesbian, is welcomed. R rated material and above should be behind an lj-cut or labeled.

5.) Characters will each own an "LJ journal" which they will update. In the title of each journal entry, you should label it as a private journal entry or a public journal entry. Journal entries of that variety will be first person point of view. Also, paragraph style role-play can be posted on the journals. These will be labeled as RP logs and in third person point of view.
****Remember: If the journal is labeled 'JOURNAL ENTRY' respond in first person. If the entry is labeled 'RP LOG' respond in third person.

6.) Knowledge of the game IS required! We would like you to have played all three Kingdom Hearts games, or at least the game your character is featured in.

7.) Everyone is starting from scratch. Don’t assume your character has had previous interactions with any other character just because they interacted in the game.

8.) As far as non-Kingdom Hearts characters go this is how we will handle such requests: Once EVERY character on the character list has been filled, we will then open up applications for non-KH characters. Each pre-existing member will be allowed ONE non-KH character that is approved by the mods. If we do not approve, unfortunatly that means you will not be able to play that character.

9.) You do not have to play your character as the version they appear as in Kingdom Hearts. Ex: If you are Tidus' roleplayer, you can play him as the FFX version instead of a little kid if you choose to do so. (Note: This only applies to pretty much the Final Fantasy characters. But remember, this is a Kingdom Hearts RP so if you choose to use the original game version, don't refer to things from said game or mention characters from that game if they have nothing to do with Kingdom Hearts.)

10.) Have fun!